"...after just three sessions of Muscle Manipulation and Microcurrent Therapy I was back at work and living life to the fullest." read more

"...I now owe Naomi everything as she has given my life back." read more


I haven’t touched my toes in two years, and you fixed me in ten minutes. – ES from WA

OMG – I am blown away with how fast my eye treatment has worked I have done it for two days and my bags and lines have reduced more than half, I am so excited it is working thank u thank u thank u.


I am writing to all those people who have body pain from neck to lower back, shoulders and legs. I Jeff Moir who has had many injuries to my body from motor racing accidents, barefoot skiing and by far the worst spending the last 16 years being a carpenter.

Over the last 12-13 years I have spent a lot of time and money on chiropractors, physio, and sports massages with some very respected practitioners in their field, who have only been able to manage the pain level to a livable level for a small period of time but were unable to relive the pain totally.

I heard of Naomi at Abundance Health so I made an appointment. After the first visit I was in shock with what had just happened to me. For the past 8 weeks I had been laid up and restricted in what I could do after reinjuring my lower back. 30 -40 minutes later I was near to touching my toes and smiling as I was no longer in pain.

I was very interested in what Naomi had just done in such a short period of time as in the 12 odd years I have never experienced muscle manipulation therapy which has changed my life.

I recommend anybody with consistent ongoing pain to see Naomi and do not think this is just another made up testimonial as I am not one to give any reference regarding anybodies work but I was that super impressed and have sent five of my employees who have all given the same feedback and good reports that I felt compelled to inform others of the wonderful work Naomi does.

Thank You
Jeff Moir

I have suffered from pain since suffering a compression fracture in my back at around 11 years old.

I have tried every treatment available over the years at huge expense and can only find brief relief from the muscle spasms surrounding my T8 with various treatments but nothing has ever given me any “real” relief – that is “untilI found Naomi Gillespie”.

Her method of muscle manipulation/ligament therapy is like nothing I have ever experienced.  She zooms in on the problem and sorts it out quickly.

I have never found any Natural Therapist or “specialist” for that matter who can do this.  I am 55 years old and have been living with this for so so long and the pain can be unbearable at times.

My muscles in my back become so tight that they start to look like I am growing boobs on my back and it can be almost unbearable to move.

After a visit to Naomi at Abundance I am like a new woman, I am pain free, have no restriction of movement and best thing of all  is “I am happy - and nice to be around” - because I have no pain.

If only there were more Naomis out there in “pain relief land “who could practice this and spread the word that you dont need  operations etc - this is all done by manipulating muscles and putting them where they should be.

Naomi – you are my miracle worker and I thank you for making me feel like I know I should feel – well!

- Jane Sanders

“After a motor vehicle accident I injured my neck and back badly. I suffered from severe aches and pains. I couldn’t stand longer than 10 minutes and was forced to leave work. Exercising, socialising and daily chores proved unbearable. I couldn’t lead the lifestyle I had previously.

I tried everything from physiotherapy, chiropractors, acupuncture and massage but nothing seemed to help. I finally came across Naomi Gillespie from ‘Abundance Body and Lifestyle’ and after just three sessions of Muscle Manipulation and Microcurrent Therapy I was back at work and living life to the fullest. Naomi truly works magic, the results were amazing! I haven’t looked back” Emma-Lee McDonald

“I cannot thank you enough for the way you righted my double-sight. Its hard to believe that in about 3 minutes you had it fixed. As I said then I could have cried with joy.

The eye specialists conclusion that it would be 6 months before he would know if it was to improve was very depressing. I am enjoying good health now and looking forward to our cruise.” Dulcie

My name is James Carson (QPX37319), I am 86 years old, and a former Ex Prisoner of War of the Japanese. I was wounded in 1942 by Japanese bombing in Singapore. My right shoulder was shattered, but I did not get any treatment once I was a P.O.W. During the last 60 years I have not been able to play any of the normal male sports, as my shoulder was almost useless in strength.

I have attended many physio clinics for treatment and have had numerous x-rays and scans and was denied having an operation because of my age. Recently I took my wife for a treatment at Abundance, for ligament adjustment after hip replacement. When it was suggested my shoulder could benefit from this type of adjustment, I said ‘yes please’.

Within 30 minutes of this new approach my shoulder was free in movement and feeling returned, so I now have 50% of use back, and just could not believe that I can now comb my hair, hang washing on the line and open jars and bottles. Now I can carry a hot cup of tea in my right hand with confidence , its almost unbelievable.

My wife and I live on our own, with no outside help, but now I have 2 hands to do the chores instead of 1, its wonderful to get back to all round health.”
James Carson (QPX37319)

“For the last 7 years I have experienced extreme pain due to endometriosis, so much so that often I cant even walk. The only option offered to me by my gynaecologist is surgery, to perform a laparoscopy on me and burn the affected tissue.

The last time I had a laparoscopy had tissue burnt from my uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, the lining around this area and also my bowels. For several months after the laparoscopy I am relatively pain free, but gradually the symptoms come back on by one and increase with severity with every month.

In early January I went and saw my gynaecologist again as I was in excruciating pain every day in my abdomen, down my legs and into my lower back to the point that I was living on 6 nurofen a day which did not relieve the pain.

My gynaecologist again said that surgery was the only option, but this time he wanted to induce a chemical menopause (I am only 25) so I would “hopefully” not get anymore symptoms, and booked the surgery for four weeks later.

A week later I booked an appointment with Naomi Gillespie as a last ditch effort not to go under the knife again. Naomi gave a plan of action and through a combination of liver detoxification for 2 weeks, natural medication and twice weekly sessions on the FSM machine I am now completely pain free.

I haven’t taken nurofen since the first appointment with Naomi and after 1 & 1/s weeks I have stopped taking the natural pain relievers she gave me. The swelling in my abdomen has subsided, going to the toilet now is only a 3minute process in the morning instead of an hour and, I have cancelled my surgery. This is all with a week still to go of my 3week program.

For any one who is experienced pain due to endometriosis, surgery is not the only option as I was led to believe, and I now owe Naomi everything as she has given my life back.” Danielle Williams