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Muscle Manipulation Revelation

Guess what! Abundance is one of the only practices that does Muscle Manipulation Therapy (MMT).

What am I talking about?…….it is an Australian therapy founded by Bill Hatchard the body guru. He found that soft tissue in the wrong position causes pain.

Why’s that you ask? your soft tissue i.e. your ligaments, muscles, tendons and nerves are designed to work in certain positions. If they move from this position they are mis-aligned and cause pain.

MMT can provide instant pain relief and quicker recovery time from injury.

That’s right… instant relief from pain that is chronic and acute (my record is 56years of pain corrected in one treatment!- it’s magic) The treatment aligns the damaged or torn tissue to relieve the pain; gives the correct recovery programme; then strengthen as soon as possible.

Watch Naomi explain this amazing therapy in more detail.

The doctors like to give pain killers and anti-inflammatories, until our stomach bleeds out! Chiropractors like to crack our bones unnaturally to get relief- it is an interesting fact that only 10% of the bone has feeling so is it really our bones that need treating?

Having provided this therapy for seventeen years, I have seen nothing more efficient and instantaneous. I have had clients with double vision, migranes, vertigo, ‘pinched nerves’, post operative pain, pre operative pain, bulging discs, degenerative spine diseases, post car accident, lets face it -- any pain, I’ve treated it.

Many people get their soft tissue aligned and never experience the pain again. Others are about to get an operation and get a treatment -- the pain is gone -- no operation necessary. Wohoo!

You will be hearing much more of this therapy very soon. Remember only a handful of people in the world use this amazing therapy, it is part of Abundance mission to carry on the work of the genius of Bill Hatchard.

We love what we do.

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