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Pleasure and Pain

Perfect Parcels

Just Enough

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Want it all but don’t have enough time? Try one of these perfect pick me ups of scrub, mask & nourishment to feel refreshed & invigorated.

Abundance Signature Revamp

A bit of everything to overhaul your skin & boost your mood. Melt away tension with a back, shoulder & neck massaged followed with an Abundance Signature Facial including Ultra Peel for smooth, radiant skin and a Footprints treatment, opening you up to new possibilities with handcrafted products by Abundance Health.

Essential Bliss

After an invigorating exfoliation your body will be cocooned in a layer of delicate, silky, warm body mask followed by a rhythmic full body massage which will leave you in a state of pure bliss.

Rock Your World

Luxuriate in complete harmony as stress & tension are scrubbed away & you let your mind & body deeply relax into our hot stone therapy to entirely rock your world.

Head to Toe Delight

You are enveloped in pure serenity as your feet, hands & scalp are treated to immense hydration & purification soothing body & mind.

The Great Escape

Guiding your body on a journey of renewal, an intense body treatment from head to toe, outside & in. Experience a full body exfoliation, body & hair mask in the steam sanctuary, ending the journey with a mini
facial & warm lotion body massage to repair & replenish.

The Lucky Dip

Let yourself go & allow us to create a personalised treatment to fulfill your every desire. Combine any 3 of the following treatments for absolute satisfaction:

  • Footprints & Fingerprints
  • Body Scrub
  • Bliss Bomb
  • Body Mask
  • Facial
  • Body Nourishment

Heaven on Earth

Time stands still. Everything appears to be in slow motion as you forget the stresses & frantic pace of life. This all-encompassing treatment combines complete body exfoliation, cocoon wrap, body nourishment including feet & hands, followed by an express facial with hair & scalp treatment to transport you to a peaceful haven within our steam sanctuary.

Dual Treatments:

We specialise in dual treatments for- couples, mother & daughter, best friends, honeymooners. We have room to share your enjoyment.

It’s Raining Men

Head to Toe Delight

After a long day your tired feet & worn out hands are rejuvenated with a scrub, mask & nourishing massage. Finished off with a hair mask & scalp massage to make you forget about the world.

The Driving Range

After a full body scrub, enjoy the sensation of golf balls being massaged slowly & firmly over every aching muscle in your body followed by a smothering of hot lotion in the steam sanctuary.

Secret Men’s Business

A specific & uniquely formulated muscle rub combined with a full body massage for fast & effective muscle relief finished off with a facial cleanse & moisturise.

Muscle Machine

This masculine treatment relieves muscular tension of the back, shoulders, neck, jaw & scalp for complete stress relief.

Back to Business

Deep cleansing exfoliation & massage of the back to target any cellular congestion & pain.

Massage Treatments

Zone Out

Relieve, relax & restore balance to your body & enjoy greater wellbeing.

Get Your Rocks Off

Let your body & mind deeply relax into the hot stones as they are massaged and placed on energy points over the body to bring comfort & harmony to your body & soul.

The Big Ka Huna

Inspires radiant transformation as your whole body is massaged with warm oil from top to bottom, under & over. Both sides massaged at the same time to give complete relaxation.


A non-invasive, gentle yet powerful method of healing by moving emotions and energy with healing Reiki hands to restore a feeling of wholeness and peace.

Other Massage Options:


Specialised massage to relieve tension & pain, to encourage healing & assist in a speedy recovery from injury and chronic pain.

Deep Tissue

Any areas of concern are worked by a firmer pressure through the deeper layers of tissue in the body. No pain, No gain!

Zen Shiatsu

Holistic healing art of massage developed in Japan to restore balance in our energy system and strengthen our body’s own healing abilities.

The Gym Junkie

Specifically tailored massage for injury prevention & maintenance plus recovery & pre-training from the elite to the novice athlete.

Yummy Mummy

Alleviate pain & discomfort whilst highlighting a sense of relaxation for women nurturing new life.

Monthly Must

Relieve stress and rejuvenate your mind by releasing tension holding areas of the upper body. Bliss out.


Can’t choose just one? The Abundance team are highly trained and experienced therapists that will use a combination of therapies unless otherwise advised.

Body Treatments

Choose any combination of body scrubs, masks & nourishments from our in house Aromatic Menu, exclusively handcrafted by Abundance Health to complete your transformation the way you wish for as long as you wish.

Footprints & Fingerprints

Immerse your tired feet & hands into the care they deserve with a gentle exfoliation, nourishing mask & a divine massage leaving you walking on clouds.

Bliss Bomb

Enter a new dimension of relaxation as your hair is smothered in a secret blend of essential oils & silk hair mask for strong, shiny hair & healthy scalp. Complete with a neck, shoulder & scalp massage for total pampering.

Body Boosters

Add on these awesome extras:

Rain Shower

Feel as if you’re lying in warm rain with this total body shower sensation.

Steam Sanctuary

Receive your treatment surrounded by scented steam to enhance your sense of wellbeing as wet heat relieves stress, cleanses your body & soothes aching muscles.

Dry Body Brushing

We use a specialised body loofah to improve blood circulation + lymphatic drainage. Releasing toxins and exfoliating away dead skin cells leaving you amazingly energised & smooth.

Feet & Hands

Love your hands & feet as an extension to your body treatment for top to toe serenity.

Hair & Scalp Treatment

Repair, moisturise & stimulate hair growth with a silk hair mask & wondrous, nourishing scalp massage.

Hot & Cold Stone Therapy

Reawaken your energy & balance your mind as hot & cold stones are placed on meridian points to centre your body & soul.

Facial Treatments

Abundance Signature Facial The ultimate treatment with handcrafted products by Abundance Health, for all skin types to correct, protect, revitalize &  rehydrate. With vitamins A, E & D, Jojoba & Honey infused with Bergamot, Ylang Ylang & Vanilla, this facial will uplift your senses & leave your skin radiant.

The Time Machine

Results driven collection of impressive active ingredients to address any skin concerns from acne to ageing. A personalised treatment protocol so you can turn back time.

Nakedly Natural

Bring harmony, comfort & purity to your skin with the very best skin loving compounds nature has given us. A chemical free beauty solution for those who want to nurture, nourish & protect their natural beauty.

A Little Something Extra

Add on these awesome extras

Regenerative Eye Mask

Help rehydrate & provide essential nutrients to the delicate eye area for wrinkles, dark circles & puffy eyes.

Loyal Lips Treatment

Treat your lips to some T.L.C with a restorative & protective boost for smooth kissable lips.

Ultra Peel

Hard core skin resurfacing for collagen & elastin production
Ultra Refresh Peel 15% Lactic Acid
Ultra Restore Peel 10% Lactic & 10% Glycolic Acid
Ultra Renew Peel 25% Glycolic Acid
Ultra Reveal Peel 40% Lactic Acid

The Infusion

A paint on, peel off Alginate facial mask infuses active
ingredients into the skin for the perfect completion to any facial.
Ultra Brightening Pigmented & Dull skin
Ultra C All skin types
Ultra Detox Oily or Acne prone skin


Relieve stress & release tension holding areas of the neck and shoulders.

Facial Serums x 3

A potent combination of vitamins, minerals & anti-oxidants, personally chosen to combat wrinkles, fine lines & pigmentation.


Diamond exfoliation is the perfect addition to any facial to enhance the desired effects.