"...after just three sessions of Muscle Manipulation and Microcurrent Therapy I was back at work and living life to the fullest." read more

"...I now owe Naomi everything as she has given my life back." read more

Sporting Teams and Associations

Abundance delivers a range of lectures to sporting teams on topics such as

  • motivation
  • nutrition
  • health
  • drugs in sport
  • recovery and stretching
  • mind balance and associated topics.

Our specialty in the sporting arena is our unique therapy Muscle Manipulation Therapy. Sideline instant relief? Yes that’s right….many of the injuries that sideline a player are correctable within seconds. This therapy fixes pain like nothing else.

The time off field can also be reduced by using complementary therapies such as:

…to accelerate the healing process.

Microcurrent therapy is also a unique therapy that is used around the world in exclusive injury recovery clinics. It heals the body five times quicker than other forms of therapy. Increasing the athletes ability to return to their chosen sport sooner. Saving everyone pain, pressure, money and time.

Simply contact us to find out more about our range of quality products, services, and training programs.

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