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Treatment Recovery Guidelines

At Abundance we are not just Massage Therapists but Specialist Massage Practitioners. We need you to do your homework to get the best from your treatment.  We love to see you get the results you require and that we expect.

  • Please drink 2 litres of water after your treatment to decrease toxic load.
  • Please do stretches advised and hold for the release of the muscle.
    Download Abundance Stretches Volume one and two and core exercises (see below).
  • Use Heat or Cold as advised by your practitioner to get the best benefits from your treatment.
  • Make sure you have Liniment and a Heat Wheat to use for home therapy.
  • Use Magnesium Supplements advised to you by your therapist for muscle soreness, spasms and aches.  These Magnesium types also help to bring water inside your cells for hydration.
  • Make sure you have an Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulphate) bath whenever possible to relax and cleanse your muscles.
  • Book your regular appointment with your practitioner so you get the time and day you require. As you know prevention is better than cure and we are extremely busy.
  • Be advised that at Abundance we do expect miracles but the impossible could take a little longer.  If your practitioner requests another appointment please do so as they are the specialist and they only want what is best for you. To be pain free.
  • Always advise your practitioner of recent injuries, medications, health issues, job changes or emotional stressors as your treatment profile may change.
  • Remember at Abundance we also have other services like Rehabilitation after surgery or injury. Health analysis and Nutrition. Live Blood Analysis, Personal Training and Fitness, Microcurrent Therapy and more.

Thank you for choosing Abundance to be pain free and calm in your spirit.
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